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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Being In The Moment


I've been telling myself that while 2017 has been a tough year so far, things are certain to get better. I almost had myself convinced of this--until yesterday.

Ernie is the oldest of the canine crew here. He'll be eleven in December and the big black and white lug has always been as healthy as the proverbial horse, but a couple of months ago he developed a worrisome hacking sort of cough.  ‘Off to the vet, of course, but I was assured that it was "...probably just allergies...," and nothing to worry about.

I doubted that diagnosis even then, so when Ernie recently began panting regardless of the temperature or activity I knew it was time for a second opinion from another clinic. After a thorough exam which included chest ex-rays, my worst fear was confirmed. Ernie has congestive heart failure. I watched this disease kill my mother despite all the drugs prescribed to lessen her symptoms. Ernie is now on those same drugs, but there is no cure and I know his fate will be the same as hers.

For animal lovers like me, it's easier to deal with personal illness than to watch helplessly as the health of a beloved pet deteriorates. The drugs seem to be helping. Old Ernie is romping about like a puppy and eagerly taking the pile of pills which I conceal in hot dogs twice daily, but how long will this last?

The original intent of this blog (recollections of a single woman living on an old farm) was to share joyous and amusing events of the day, but sadly, this year hasn't afforded much of anything joyous or amusing. Even so, hope springs eternal.... My inspiration comes from Ernie who finds happiness just being in the moment.

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